Hip-Hope Technologies

Reducing impact to the hips during fall.
Giving Hope to the wellness of seniors.
Hip-Hope™ is a smart wearable belt-like hip protector device, providing highly reliable real-time fall detection capability combined with unprecedented fall impact absorption effectiveness.
Hip-Hope™ unique achievements are a result of state of the art “out-of-the-box” design concepts and technological solutions.

Hip-Fracture Epidemic
Each year, millions of seniors lose their wellness, independence and active lifestyle, due to an unexpected fatal fall lasting less than a second

The Need
"Hip fracture is the most common serious injury of older people... Improving its care and prevention is an urgent clinical and public health priority"
The National Hip Fracture Database 2010, UK

Hip-Hope’s Innovative Solution
Hip-Hope™ smart wearable hip protector device incorporates multiple game-changer technological innovations, enabling it to reliably detect impending falls and dramatically reduce harmful impact.

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