About Us

People make the difference.

We are proud of having most experienced and highly skilled team members and professional partners.
Hip Hope Technologies Ltd. (HHT) was founded in 2011, driven by a high motivation for providing a viable solution to the deadly epidemic of hip fractures among older adults.
The company came up with a paradigm-breaking protection approach and managed to employ inventive ideas and technological innovations, overcoming the pitfalls of previous attempts to reduce fall impact and  protect the hips.
Hip-Hope™ R&D effort has been supported by Israel Office of the Chief Scientist and by private investors.
The company’s management team and advisory board members are characterized by their vast acquired professional experience, in diversified managerial positions in the hi-tech industry and additional fields.
The company’s sub-contractors were carefully selected, based on their proven professional track-record and leadership in their fields of expertise.
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